Terms of Service

  1. Your must agree the terms on this page before using our service. You must not use our service if you disagree any of the terms on this page.
  2. We do not store your personal data other than:
    • the chat ID (used to identify the conversation between you and the bot);
    • your user name at the time you registered with the bot;
  3. We collect and store metadata of your messages for usage analytics, include exactly the following:
    • number of letters of a message;
    • number of words of a message;
    • number of messages sent by time period;

    No personal data will be stored with these collected metadata. The collected metadata is used for usage analytics of the bot. We might share the anaylytics publicly, or only with some third parties.

  4. We do not inspect your messages. We do not modify your messages. We do not block or filter your messages.
  5. Our service is provided in the hope that it will be useful. If it is being used for terrorism or threatening lives of people, we will take action.
  6. It is your responsibility to obey the local law when using our service.
  7. We try our best to provide reliable service, but we can not gaurantee 100% up time.